Door Last Opened Status

Hi There,

Can somebody show me how i can enter a “last opened” status to my door sensors?
I would like to add this function to these two sensors:

title: Weeda
  - badges:
      - device_tracker.iphonemaurice
      - device_tracker.iphonevanyvette
      - entity: weather.dark_sky
        name: in Maasdam
        type: weather-forecast
      - entities:
          - entity: sensor.overloop_sensor_temperature
          - entity: sensor.zolder_sensor_temperature
        type: glance
      - entities:
          - entity: binary_sensor.overloop_sensor_motion
          - entity: binary_sensor.zolder_sensor_motion
        type: glance
      - type: entities
          - entity: binary_sensor.0x00158d0003139e42_contact
          - entity: sensor.0x00158d0003139e42_battery
          - entity: sensor.0x00158d0003139e42_linkquality
      - type: entities
          - entity: binary_sensor.0x00158d00031cd4ef_contact
          - entity: sensor.0x00158d00031cd4ef_battery
          - entity: sensor.0x00158d00031cd4ef_linkquality
    icon: 'mdi:home-assistant'
    path: default_view
    title: Overzicht

So here’s how I have it in my lovelace config. I think all you’re missing is the “secondary info” part.

  - entities:
      - entity: binary_sensor.visonic_mct
        format: time_date
        icon: 'mdi:door'
        name: Back Door
        secondary_info: last-changed
        show_header_toggle: false
    title: Security
    type: entities
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