Door Lock recommendation (RFID/NFC and HASS compatible)


I have looked at several different locks that I want to use on my front door.
I think I have landed on the ID Lock 150, but as far as I can see it does not integrate well with HASS.

What I need (want) from it is to be able to use my own NFC (13.56Mhz) or RFID (125KHz) tags, this is because I have this implanted in my hands.
I also want to be able to control it from HASS.

Yale Doorman also looks like a good alternative but does not allow NFC tags other than their own, that means I cannot use my implants which to me is a real bummer.

Is there any better alternative that covers my needs?

I don’t know if this is helpful to you - but I have been looking into trying to understand how Yale works with RFID locks, this guy on YouTube has been looking at the protocol and can you use generic tags if you understand how Yale encodes its tags. I wonder if you could clone a Yale tag’s key blocks onto your implant?

This guy has a lot of useful expertise which might be useful… it is something that I’m only starting to understand… for me, the Yale Locks will serve most of my use-cases, but there are some where they are of an unsuitable design, so I am trying to see if anything else can be made to work with them.

Hope it is helpful…

I use a NUKI smart lock, I selected it because it has an API / HA intergration… (although lock/unlock is something you manually need(ed) to add

From there an simple automation can do the trick to unlock/open the door …

Currently working on a esphome based external RFID/NFC reader …

  • (arduino/esp32/RPI … pick one)
  • RFID/NFC reader (same as above pick one)
  • battery pack thingy (recommend a exposed model not a power bank, because you might want to hook up a voltage divider or couple to monitor the remaining charge … (connected to ADC pin)
  • button to “wake” from deep sleep, when awake you can activate “automations”
  • RGB led … depending on color flash 1x or multiple(s) it will signal …

So what it is going to do, if a tag is “read” or button is pushed (when awake) it will send that tag or button event to Home assistant… for example “open door” or send “audio message” to smart doorbel ?

the button wil have 3 functions,

  • wake up (hard coded into the device) (short press)
  • long press (3-10seconds) restart / reboot (maybe a seperate “hidden” button?)
  • short press (if party mode / visitor mode aka expected guest(s) the door will open without a need for a tag. (to prevent open door )

btw I selected the nuki and not an electric “cilinder” the nuki has a 3 modes, open/closed + error, the original keys can be used … for those ppl that are “old fashioned”
and it has its own power (bank) option … 4x AA is default 2.0 (3.0 is on the market)

Since the device is “dumb” and outside hardcoding keys or “events” that enable opening if you know what to “send” to HA would gain access to my house for evil do-ers … I elected to do automations bassed on an trigger like “guests” expected (for x minutes) and all tags will be send to the HA, but depending on the configuration it will just flash red or green, or blue … also monitoring the voltage allows a “duration” / battery time remaining …

btw the Nuki requires a “bridge” to connect to HA, and HA needs to be running for it to work,
and has a “pincode” device sold seperatly although a phone might communicate directly with the lock.