Door lock system with PIN and great camera

I have a very old Mobotix T26 system that has failed. It’s a full door entry system with pin pad, camera, door bell etc.

I haven’t been able to find a good replacement and honestly Mobotix has been pretty terrible so I don’t plan to go back to their products.

My main things are that I’d like a good camera (day and night) and pin entry so that I don’t always have to carry around a key. It also allows me to give others a code. I haven’t found a good all-in-one system. My next thought was that I split two use cases:

  1. Pin entry door system. There are many of these out there such as the Schlage smart lock
  2. Door bell / camera system.

The two things I’m unclear on:

  1. Can these smart locks fit onto any door system? Right now I have a Wink Haus VdS M113345 autoLock AV3 | Winkhaus. Essentially auto lock hooks at the top and bottom and then the bolt in the middle. It’s unclear to me if I can just change the centre handle/lock piece and everything else just continues to work.

  2. I want to avoid getting the door bell notification via one app and then having to open the lock app to open the door. E.g. I get a Schlage pin lock and G4 Doorbell Professional PoE Kit - Ubiquiti Store United States. Could those both be registered in Home Assistant so that I have HA sending the ring notification and then I have a custom button on the landing screen that unlocks the door lock?

Anything I’m missing or should look at?

No recommendation for lock but HTML5 notifications are app independent and allow actionable notifications. I believe these work in IOS. I only use with HtML5 on android and PC. I use HA APP on IOS due to WebKit problems (my problem not HA I think)

Must doorbell cam are 2MP I believe. I actually use a 5MP regular cam mounted to show area and use motion/object detection to trigger doorbell. At end of day I want to see anyone that approach not just those that announce to me.

They are standard size to replace existing lock. I’ve heard people talk about key master for manage pin but I don’t know what itt is