Door sensor cant work with HA

Can you someone help me with my problem? I have woox window and door sensor.

Sensor works with tuya app but doesn’t with home assistant. I’m okey with this but…
I’m open the door, sensor turn on some tuya smart plug but the state of this plug doesn’t change in home assistant and this is my problem.
Any idea how to fix this? Thanks

Hi Filip,

I purchased today the same exact sensor with intention to get notifications when the door opens but also to turn on some smart plugs on or off with some delay. While my sensor will arrive tomorrow, so i can test it, you mention that the status of the plug does not change in Home Assistant.

A few questions:
Have you connected the Tuya / smart life app with home assistant?
Are you able to see the smart plug in Home Assistant?
If you manually turn the smart plug on or off does the change register in Home Assistant?
The automation to turn on the smart plug when you open the door, is built in Home Assistant or in the Tuya app?

Kind Regards

Did your door window sensor Tuya integration worked with HA? I recently bought 2 Fengchuang door/ window wifi sensors from Amazon to give it a try. It works with Tuya app and also devices visibile in Tuya cloud but HA Tuya V2 integration does not show these sensors whereas my Tuya bulbs appear & working well. Any idea about door window sensors?

I see door window sensors listed in the below documentation link for HA but somehow does not work tuya-home-assistant/ at d7fa8a4d0098f3611755d05ebfbd1904036c6b9d · tuya/tuya-home-assistant · GitHub

Unfortunately no. It seems that it is not supported. I have the WOOX R4966 Smart WiFi Door and Window Sensor same as the in the original post. WOOX R4966 Smart WiFi Door and Window Sensor - YouTube

I can see it in Tuya/Smart life app, google assistant recognises it and can give the state when asked, but Home assistant does not pick it up as a sensor. All the other tuya devices work perfectly.

I will keep looking

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HA 2021.11 arrives today, Tuya integration is much improved.

What did i miss? i have HA 2021.07. Is the 2021.11 a beta?

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It is the version that should be released today, the current beta.


Thanks, i updated to the beta and finally i can see the motion sensor as a device, however, it doesn’t have entities and therefore no states as well!

It is a step forward though! Thank you very much for taking the time to post!

It is probably posting events

You lost me there…

Enter * under ‘event to subscribe to’, hit ‘start listening’ and open and close your door


See if you get something.

Cannot find any event… But now i have an idea!!! Since the phone receives a notification each time the sensor opens, and the HA app has access to the notifications (i can see the text under states) can we use the last notification as a trigger to an automation?

It would be like if the last notification contains the words Open Notification in title then perform the action assigned to it

How do we do that???

It wooooooorks!!!

I set the trigger like this:

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With the upgrade to HA 2021.11.1 on my dev setup, my door sensors got picked up automatically by HA. Now I can see all Tuya cloud devices lights & door sensors, still there are other things that I need to fix with this upgrade. Thanks.

Mine appears as a device but there are no entities

Same thing here, were you ever able to get an entity to show up?

I gave up on it… I now use Sonoff door sensors and i am very satisfied.
Hope this helps