Door Sensor False Positives

I was using my Sonoff SNZB-04 door sensor with ZHA for months and it was working fine. I switched the zigbee2mqtt and everything seemed fine at the beginning but then I started to noticed that the sensor reports multiple close events when the door is already closed and multiple open events when the door is open to Home Assistant

I don’t understand why this happens if no one touched the door. How can I stop my door sensor and HA from hallucinating?

I would appreciate any help.


I had the same problem with SNZB-04, insert new batteries

the batteries are at 98%

can there be another cause ?

Does anyone have a solution for this? it’s been over 2 months now and i’m still facing the same issue.

what I found out so far is that zigbee2mqtt sends an update on the state of the sensor, battery, voltage, signal strength, etc… every 1:30 hours approximately and it seems that HA considers this an event even though the status of the sensor did not change (door was closed and now is closed). Below is a sample of the message:

  "battery": 100,
  "battery_low": false,
  "contact": false,
  "last_seen": "2023-11-14T22:43:35.069Z",
  "linkquality": 63,
  "tamper": false,
  "voltage": 3000