Door / Window sensor - Deconz - Pairing problem - Aqara

Hi Everyone,

I read a lot of subjects on this forum but I have to miss something.

I have two Aqara/Mija Door sensors. The rounded one worked for a long time then it fell and became unreachable. I thought it was broken although the LED was still blinking when I pushed it. Anyway, impossible to pair it again.

I bought a new sensor and realized it didn’t pairing either.

I dug more and noticed that although the pairing via the interface was “failed” I saw that I had an item in the deconz diagram. Looks like it is not recognized correctly.

Does anyone have any idea what I can try to get these two sensors working again?

Thanks in advance


I bought a new door sensor and tried to pair it. But I was not able to do so. This is a known problem with MCCGQ14LM but there is a solution too.

But I don’t know how to update my homeassistant to make this work. Can someone help?

I did not have the exact same issue as you do, but I know it can be tricky to pair the xiaomi/aqara sensors.

My way :
On HA, with the integration Deconz/phoscon, I enter in the integration’s panel, select Phoscon.
There, on the hamburger menu on the top left, I select “sensors”, and there : add new sensor.
in the choices, I select “Other” and the Zigbee coordinator ( conbee II for me) starts to listen.

Starting from this moment, I have 3 minutes to pair the device.
I bring it not to far from the gateway point (powered zigbee device) that is the one nearest to the area the sensor will be in.
I push on the sensor pairing button for a long time (5-10 seconds) to make sure the blue led blinks rapidly about 3-5 times… I release the button, wait 2 or 3 s, and press it again for a short time, and there it usually blinks once.
Also useful, activate/deactive the sensor by opening /closing the door, or bringing the magnet near it. It seems to make the sensor want to communicate and I notice the phoscon then paired more easily.

On the phoscon window, then it should tell a new device was paired.

If not I start again.

I have the same sensors as you do, so no reason it should not work.

Related discussion here: Unable to pair Aqara door & window sensor with ConBee II/deCONZ - #6 by jdbrookes

The newer aqara e1 sensors are not yet supported in deconz.

Hi Vdelab,

Thx for your reply. I really try every way (including your tips) to pair it, but no luck still Now. :slight_smile:

I had already succeeded for the old model. But since it unpaired, I can’t do it anymore.

Sh*** Didn’t realised that…

Thanks, I think it’s to hard for me, so For the new model, I will wait for an update.