Doorbell Announcement on Alexa

Hi Guys i recently purchased a wifi smart doorbell which works on smart life app. I have an echo show and activated the smart life skill for the doorbell. However i am not able to find option for doorbell announcements in skill settings. I can only view the live feed on alexa when i ask it to show me. Is there any way for me to make my alexa anoounce whrn someone presses the doorbell.

Please let me know how it can be done via homeassistant (i am new to this and just have ordered raspberry pi) or is there any other alternative method to perform such action . Appreciate your help

Well there is no straight forward answer to your question.
I have hikvision intercom connected to hikvision doorbell. I integrated it with home assistant via frigate addon and integration.
I use hikvision sdk addon that comes in handy when ie someone rings a bell I get notification on alexa and my tv turn on and cast a picture of anyone who rang a bell.
My system is working over poe and it locally accessable.