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I’ve got an old dumb doorbell with a 12V AC supply and a push-button. I bought a Shelly Uni and wired it in as follows:

I set it up in the Shelly iOS app, which now shows two devices. When I push the doorbell, the “power button” for the second turns on whilst the button is pressed. I haven’t changed much in the settings, so it’s still set to be a Toggle Switch. It was picked up automatically by HA and added without any trouble.

Feeling optimistic, I set up an automation with a Device trigger for the device, set to First button single clicked (which was the default trigger in the dropdown). However, I can’t get it to fire by pressing the doorbell. In fact, I can’t find anything in HA under any of the entity history / logs that shows activity. This is the automation config:

alias: Door bell
description: ''
  - platform: device
    device_id: xxxx # I don't think this is sensitive? But I'm hiding it here in case.
    domain: shelly
    type: single
    subtype: button1
condition: []
  - service: media_player.play_media
      media_content_id: /media/ding-dong.mp3
      media_content_type: music
      entity_id: media_player.vlc_telnet
mode: single

Has anyone managed to get a similar setup working, with a Shelly Uni monitoring a button press? Is there something obvious that I’m doing wrong or can try? I’m new to both HA and setting up smart things like this, so please let me know if I’ve missed any key information.

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After quite a bit of help in the Shelly Facebook group, I finally figured it out. The issue was not wiring or any of the automation setup in HA, but rather that HA was only getting notified of the events with a huge delay. This is because I hadn’t read the docs closely enough :man_facepalming:t2:

From the integration docs:

We recommend using unicast for communication. To enable this, enter the local IP address of the Home Assistant server and port 5683 into the CoIoT peer field and push SAVE button. This is mandatory for Shelly Motion with firmware 1.1.0 or newer. After changing the CoIoT peer , the Shelly device needs to be manually restarted.

As soon as I set up the CoIoT properly, HA received events immediately and everything works as I expect.

A lesson apparently never learned enough times: read the docs carefully, especially if it’s late at night! :sweat_smile:

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Is this just creating a button to indicate to HA when the doorbell is rung or does it separate the switch/doorbell circuits so you can mute the physical chime/bell if you want?

I’ve been considering Frenks $2 doorbell but I already have some Shelly stuff going and would rather stick with one ecosystem if I can.

If you are planning to do only button press detection, there was a post on the shelly forum.

… and see #14, there’s the wiring diagram for a typical US doorbell setup. Diode and resister are ideas for improvement, if you run into reliability issues.
Shelly UNI Klingelschaltung 2

Correct with Diode (1N4002 or 1N4148, or so) , its better so.
But no reason for all, some have the problem always.
I dont know why the Shelly dont switch.
The next is, the Resistor (10k - 47k Ohm)
The Resistor from IN_1 to GND (blue).
A little bit Current flow to GND over R and it gives more Voltage between GND an IN_1.
Without Signal = 0V, with Signal it goes up to 4V on 8V AC, thats is it. ! :wink:
I have measure it.

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Not sure you were actually replying to me but I’d need the ability to mute the doorbell chime when desired (night time etc) in addition to detecting the door bell press. I haven’t been able to figure out if I can do that with a Shelly Uni. They have 2 inputs and 2 outputs so I think it can, but I haven’t found any schematics that show how it’s done yet.

Also, I need the doorbell to work normally even if the Shelly or HASS is offline, WIFI is down etc.

I recall I see something… Ah, found it:
Doorbell modernizr 2 from Lemcke Solutions on Tindie

For sure if you have the means to build one from scratch, go for it! (Shelly Uni might still work, and you might be the first!)
Please help share your journey back here.

Here’s another one:
ESPHome based doorbell – Marcel Zuidwijk

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This depends on your doorbell setup. Shelly’s product page did said those 2 outputs could switch up to 36VAC / 24VDC, and up to 100mA.

Have you tried asking Shelly’s tech support? What did they say?

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Wow you just did half my research for me ! :grin:

I haven’t dug too deep into it yet, I have a couple of other Shelly projects I’m finishing up and then I’ll move onto this one. I’ve bookmarked those links as a starting point though. Thanks!

And yes, I will share the results when I get into it.

@jazzyisj sorry for the slow response! Yeah both, I want a notification and also ideally a way to use the separate circuits to be able to mute / trigger the doorbell programmatically.

I have it working fairly well with the notifications (it doesn’t always trigger, I wonder if the doorbell itself only brushes past instead of being on for the whole press?) but I’ve not yet managed to get any voltage from the output channels, whatever I try :disappointed: I got a bit frustrated so have left it for a bit, but should really get back to trying to get it to work again. Otherwise I will fall back to wiring the physical doorbell in parallel I think. Means that the chime is dumb but at least I get both a noise and a notification.

Anyone can help me here?
How can i connect uni to this doorbell?

Already have power on uni but dont find the cable of the outside doorbell button.

Only have this diagram from the brand