Doorbell - how to have RFXtrx transmit to emulate doorbell button push


Got my doorbell working through the use of RFXtrx platform and creating a sensor that fires an event when the doorbell-button is pushed. Also created automation to notify when doorbell-events is fired.
This all works fine; events get fires, notifications are received.

Now I’m experimenting on how I can send/transmit to the doorbell receiver and trigger the sound from HA - without pushing the doorbell-button.
Tried creating a switch in my configuration.yaml but when triggered the doorbell-receiver is not playing a sound.

When connected to my PC and using RFXmngr software I can push the TRANSMIT-button in RFXmngr and this does trigger the doorbell-receiver to play a sound (just like when pushing the doorbell-button).

Any suggestions?
What to configure in HA (hassio) that allows me to trigger/emulate the doorbell button push?
Any special action that I’m overlooking maybe?

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

I don’t know if you are still looking for a solution , but in case you are…:
I have solved a similar request by using Node Red (as Hassio extension) and a node red palette called “node-red-contrib-rfxcom”
Using that setup I was able to trigger virtually any needed output RFXtrx message.
Let me know if you want more details

Struggling with the same thing
Want to “trigger” my Nexa 433mhz doorbell with a zigbee device.
But I can send the right codes.
Tried with rfxtrx.send from automations but it wont trigger the doorbell.
I tried installing the node-red-contrib-rfxcom into node red in Home assistant but I fails.

Please help !

Could you try with rfxtrx with debug set to True, and see what code you receive when pressing the doorbell?

To install node-red-contrib-rfxcom you need to “adjust” the NodeRED add-on configuration to take care of dependencies.
It did vary according to the nodered add-on version.
For me, in the current NodeRED addon version number 7.2.5 , I have the following lines in the configuration of the NodeRED add-on.

  - make
  - python3
  - g++
  - gcc
  - linux-headers
  - node-red-contrib-rfxcom

After the palette is correctly added in the NodeRED environment you will take FULL control of your 433 devices (input & output) !
For me it was THE way to take real advantage of my RFXCOM device.
Let me know if you need more help

Thanks ! Now I got the palette node-red-contrib-rfxcom
But when I add for example a rfx doorbell and a Debug node and then push my doorbell button Node-Red dont “hear” the signal.
If I start the RFXcom integration in HA it pickes the signal.

This is because the RFX-doorbell is not calibrated for your doorbell brand but read below…

Now that you have the Palette loaded you can use the generic rfx-PT2262-in node to listen to any 433 device.
this a generic node.
the others input nodes are per-calibrated to “interpret” the input 433 data and this may fit or not your 433 devices
So to start with, this is the preferred node since it will catch ANY 433 data frame!
To use this node you need to define a “device table” just give it a name and do not add any entry.
connect the node to the debug node and you should be good to receive “raw” 433 data from the device


Now that you have the raw data in the debug windows you can fill correctly an entry in the device table (named 433 in my case) to define your device and payload you want.
In my case it is a 433 doorbell button, and my table entry is:

my button is define as PT2262/Bell2 …

Now the node correctly identify the button !

I hope this help …

Thanks for all your help !!
I did to get this when using the rfx-lights
Now I want this signal to be sent from either node-red or HA when a zigbee button is activated (aqara mini switch)
For testing I can do it with a timestamp node that input a “message” each XX seconds.

OK, in my case since I use the generic rfx-PT2262-in then I use the generic rfx-PT2262-out to send the RFX out signal to my devices (and for info I do pilot my 433 alarm this way using a mix of sensors (433 and zigbee) as triggers
In your case if rfx-lights-in did decode correctly the 433 input then you should be able to use the rfx-lights-out to send the 433 commands.
Did you see and read the nodes documentation?
Since I did not use the rfx-lights nodes I cannot help with the specific parameters you need to use for output.
And by the way is your device brand listed in the node documentation?
And I am a little bit confused since you seems to read the 433 input data of your Nexa 433mhz doorbell using the rfx-light node…is this correct??? then it wont work…

If not, you can always go the rfx-PT2262-in & out way…
If needed you can open a question in GitHub , the palette owner is very helpful and did respond quickly to me.
Good luck , keep us posted on your progress (since it can always help others)

Finally solved it.
I had made two errors…
First in configuration.yaml.
device: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-RFXCOM_RFXtrx433_08WD7J36-if00-port0
debug: true
automatic_add: true
# Doorbell
fire_event: true

and fire_event: true (spells true and not True)

In the automation it shall look like this.

Nice to know the rfxtrx module works as well.
I prefer to use NodeRED since it offers more programming flexibility but for simple automation HA is simpler.
In both ways HA rocks !!!