Doorbell Notifications with snapshot & actionable video


Recently I installed an Amcrest AD110 using Amcrest2MQTT for the doorbell press notification in HA.

Another note which will come up in my post is that I’m running Frigate in a docker with the frigate add-on for integration.

My question/goal is to get a notification with snapshot when the doorbell button is pressed and it be actionable to open the camera feed. I’m using the official HA app on Android.

What is the best way to pull the snapshot and video? If through Frigate, how do you coordinate the snapshot in frigate with the doorbell press since Frigate creates a snapshot on motion?

Is it best to keep the notification separate from Frigate and pull the snapshot/video straight from the camera when the button is pressed?

Is there a blueprint, automation or node-red flow already created to pull the snapshot and video based on the button press?

Thanks in advance all.

Yes but I’ve done both and really not an issue either way.

Just trigger on doorbell press and send image from camera

Normally you shouldn’t create two posts asking the same question.

I answered in the other thread how I would do it.

You should close one of these.