Doorbird component

First off thanks for the door bird component, I think every device I own is now officially part of HASS which is incredible. My question is for anyone using this, does your binary sensor for the doorbell aspect work? It seems to not work for me, the camera part however works perfect

My experience is the same. I have had to apply the slight modification for UTF-8 formatting to get the component functioning.
The live feed seems to work very well.
The last ring takes a little time to update but does eventually display the correct image.
The binary_sensor for the doorbell being pushed does not seem to trigger any state changes or events.

Same here. Cannot get the binary sensor working. :frowning: any new insights?


I love the Doorbird integration you set-up for Home assistant.

The camera and relay function great, but the binary_sensor for doorbell notification does not do anything a @Mudsie and @nbraun18 have also experienced. Any clues on where to find a solution? The configuration is just a copy paste from the documentation.

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I actually asked about this in Reddit in /r/homeassistant also and this is what @Klikini said

“The binary sensors are finicky because Home Assistant has to poll it while the button is pressed. I’ve started school now, but if I get some time I will add push to the component so that the DoorBird will actually send data to HA when the button is pressed.
The DoorBird LAN API has the ability to add callbacks for events, I just didn’t think about hosting endpoints from my component until recently :/”

So it looks like he has a solution just not time at the moment

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Thanks for the update.
Perhaps this is usefull:

I actually had a Doorbird component that I was developing but @Klikini beat me to the punch. What I found during my development is that the Doorbird API did not behave as documented. When I reached out to Doorbird directly, they informed me that the “check” endpoints (used for polling motion and doorbell) were being updated and would behave differently once version FW108 was deployed. In my testing motion endpoint did not work at all using the check endpoint.

I think it would be better (more responsive) to use the “monitor” endpoints to open a websocket to the Doorbird instead of setting up callbacks for the device to call into HA. I tried to implement this approach but am new to python and couldn’t figure out how to get it to work with asyncio.

I have 2 D202B and 1 D101S Doorbirds, so I’ll be happy to pitch in when I can to help with this component.

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The DoorBird can make HTTP requests when events occur, but Home Assistant has to host them. I don’t know how to do this in Python, but the Axis component was mentioned here, so I might take a look at that when I have time (soon, I promise!)

I just pushed new code that registers HA with the device, which then creates an event when the doorbell rings. I’m not sure how to make this useful in the frontend, but the code exists now.

Hi, thanks for this! if i understand correctly there should be a chance now to let HA know someone just ringed the doorbell, isn’t it?

I have everything set as you described and Doorbird works fine but i am not sure how i can use the event fired when someone rings the door.
I see that when doorbird is ringed i get this:

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from
18:38 components/http/ (WARNING)

where is IP of my doorbird.

can you shed any light on it?

I have the exact same problem. Can’t get this to work

please see here:

it should be fixed soon

Any update? This looks to be a great alternative to something like nest, but it would certainly be nice to see it working before I make a leap of faith.

i can confirm it is working: i implemented automations based on this

AWESOME! Thank you.

Have you done an automation for when the doorbell button is pushed?

I’m trying to setup an automation when the doorbell is pushed to play a “ring” on my speakers in the house.

Yes, turning on a light when doorbell button is pushed

I can’t paste it now but I remember it was very easy

If you can clue me into what you use to trigger your automation…that would be perfect.


  • platform: event
    event_type: doorbird_doorbell

I don’t see that listed in my services or states…is “doorbird_doorbell” something I had to define in my configuration?