Doorbird Events

I’m trying to get the Doorbird events working, but I’m having issues. I have the HTTP(S) called configured in the app and I have the even defined in the integration. I can see that there is an even created in HA called doorstation_1ccae3746c47_doorbird_call_button_press. I can see that if I trigger the event using the HA REST API (http://my-ip/api/events/doorstation_1ccae3746c47_doorbird_call_button_press) I see the event is fired properly. My issue is that the URL that Doorbird is using the fire the event is strange and does not work. The URL looks like this: http://my-ip:8123/api/doorbird/doorstation_1ccae3746c47_doorbird_call_button_press?token=my-token. I can put the URL into my browser and expect that the event be fired but nothing happens. I see an OK response in the browser. Am I missing something or is the current Doorbird integration using the wrong URL? Looking at the HA REST API docs I do not see anything documented that resembles this type of URL.

got it working. the bug is the https url that the dorbird app created. i put the prefix of doorstation_1ccae3746c47_ on the event name. i edited the url in the app and now it works.