Doorbird integration, the timestamp for 'Last ring' and 'Last motion' is not available

Instead the state ‘untätig’ (where does it come from ?. I think this is useless here) the related timestamp should be available as state.

The HTML5 example from the Doorbird shows the timestamp.

I found that the timestamp is in the answer header in the field X-Timestamp, coded as unix timestamp.

Could this be integrated please ?

Did you activate the history and motion permissions?

Yes, all permissions are enabled on the doorbird for the used user.
The image for last ring and last motion are displayed but the related timestamp is missing.

What are the attributes of the relevant entities?

Go to developer tools, states to find out.

In my opinion the timestamps are not extracted from the ‘data’ from the doorbird.
So you can’t find it anywhere in HA, or do you say it’s working for you ?

Sorry that you can’t be bothered with my query.