Doorknobs for Jack and Jill Bathroom

I am moving to a house with a dreaded bathroom with 2 doors. This happens to be the main bathroom in the house so I am looking for suggestions for smart door knobs. I want to tackle the problem of locks not being in Sync.

Here is my wish list

  • Zigbee or Matter preferred
  • Door handle style
  • Similar to Push button to lock

The logic I am considering

  • If Lock1 is locked and Door1 is closed (will need sensor of course) then Lock Lock2.
  • If Lock1 is unlocked Unlock Lock2
    Vice Versa for Lock2.

I am open to better logic as well.

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Iā€™m hoping for a similar setup

@crazycurl - I have not had much luck - but will post if i come across a solution. To be fair the time went in renovating the house.