Dooya and RAEX Roller Blinds

Hello Everyone,

So i just discovered that RAEX has some zwave roller blinds which would fint nicely into my system since i only use zwave for all main devices (light, alarm and now hopefully blinds).
With that being Said i have an issue.

RAEX forgot to sell me a remote to setup the device and therefor i am not able to set up limits etc.

What i want to ask about is, have Any one bought a curtain from RAEX and Tried to pair it with a Dooya Remote ?
Reason is that i bought a roller blind on battery that is using a dooya Remote but i cannot get it to pair with the RAEX.
They Mighty be using the same and They Might not but i just wanted to make sure before i order a Remote from RAEX to a way too expensive Price.

The Roller blind from RAEX is a TD400. This is not the latest zwave chip.

I have put some picture here to show the roller blind.
I have disassembled it to see what was Inside. I can share pictures of it if needed.

Thanks in advance.