Dooya roller shutters RF 433mhz

Hi, I have 4 roller shutters from Dooya tubular motor DM45E and DC1602 remote control. I installed Hassbian on a Raspberry pi zero W using WiringPi and 433Utils. It works perfectly. Except for Cover states and Middle positioning. The remote has 4 functions UP/STOP/DOWN and if the STOP button is held for about 10 seconds it will move up or down the shutters to a pre-determined middle position. I use Cover and command_open, command_stop and Command_close but don’t know how to archive the 4th function. Also I would like to have the state operational but have no idea how to do that. I’m new to this. Any suggestions? Thanks guys

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What exactly additional model are you using for transmission 433 ? Could you also paste your config, I have the same roller shutters

The dooya motors do not provide state info so if you use the manual remote HA looses track of the state. I have not found a way around this.
I use the template cover, to control the blinds and use up as the “middle” position (the 10sec. button press on the remote) but have an additional script to pull them up completely which is not controlled from the cover buttons on the HA frontend but done through an automation eg when a window is opened te roller is pulled up completely. When it’s closed it’s set to the middle position again. Works perfectly.

Hi, Can you share your codes with me? That would save me lots of time. Thanks

here it is:



  • platform: command_line
    friendly_name: All blinds
    command_close: “/home/pi/433Utils/rcswitch-pi/sendv2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0101”
    command_open: “/home/pi/433Utils/rcswitch-pi/sendv2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0F0F”
    command_stop: “/home/pi/433Utils/rcswitch-pi/sendv2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFFFF”

    friendly_name: Living room - left side
    command_close: “/home/pi/433Utils/rcswitch-pi/sendv2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxF0101”
    command_open: “/home/pi/433Utils/rcswitch-pi/sendv2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0F0F”
    command_stop: “/home/pi/433Utils/rcswitch-pi/sendv2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFFFF”

And I use the rcswitch-pi for QuadState from this link

No problem but which code are you looking for as it seems you have the blinds already setup.

I would like to use the following example (see below) but how do I create a script?

  • platform: template
    friendly_name: “Garage Door”
    value_template: “{{ states(‘sensor.garage_door’)|float > 0 }}”
    service: script.open_garage_door
    service: script.close_garage_door
    service: script.stop_garage_door

I am very interested to know wich harware do you use to emulate DC1602 remote control.
I would like to control by the way of an eps8266 or a Sonoff bridge, I search for 2 weeks without any result…

Thanks for your help and best regards

Considering dooya blinds too, but the memory function is keeping me on the edge. Would it help if u pair the remote with a RF hub and relay the instructions to HA? In that case you are tracking all RF signals regardless of through manual remote or rpi.

Hello all,
I am trying to solve my blinds automation with similar solution like in this thread. Can someone explain if I am able to execute compiled send2v program in Hass OS environement runnig on RPI4?

I have copied sendv2 complied program to HASS OS /config but no luck with execution and also not sure if WiringPI is in place. As there is different GPIO integration for Raspberry I am not sure if this will be ever possible on HASS OS.

And executing this using SSH on different RPI seems quite an overkill for me…
Thanks for help.

Someone pointed out to me that the Motion blinds integration uses the same API as Dooya.
Therefore the Motion blinds integration schould work with Dooya blinds and is a complete integration with config flow and multicast push support.
Of course you would need a bridge/gateway to control the Dooya blinds, but I think they actually have such a gateway/bridge/hub.

I know the Motion Blinds actually do support getting the state of the blinds (including battery level, RF signal strenght and current motor position) directly form the blind, so I am guessing this is also possible with the Dooya blinds and I am farly convinced that it will work with the Motion Blinds integration (including state)

See Motion Blinds - Home Assistant for more info.