Dot Upgrades (0.118.3) cause Alexa AND Nabu Casa to go haywire

Anyone else seeing this? It seems like each time I upgrade to a new release up both Alexa and Nabu Casa require me to either re-login & authenticate (alexa) or completely reconfigure (Nabu Casa).

I’m currently on 0.118.3 but it has been happening for probably the last 5 dot releases in a row. Only those 2 integrations are affected.


Nabu Casa relies on Amazon Web Services and they are currently experiencing performance problems. See this thread:

Same complaint here:

Not really a problem specific to 0.118.3, just unfortunate timing of your upgrade coinciding with a major outage.

What could be improved though is if the connection to Nabu Casa has a problem, it should not prevent Home Assistant from starting normally.

Ok, I thought I was going nuts. The times match. It just happened to coincide with my updates. All good now. Strange how all Nabu Casa config info is removed from the home assistant configuration when this happens, and it’s happened each time.


My Alexa is still working perfect…