Double devices with MQTT and Zwavejs2mqtt - how do I fix that?

I’ve been trying to get an automation where if I open a door, the light turns on. It turns off after a few minutes of being closed. I am using an Aeotec 7 in door sensor (Recessed Door Sensor 7 user guide : Aeotec Help Desk) and GE/Jasco z-wave switch with HAOS

I noticed I have 2 of each device- one with the MQTT integration and one with J-Wave JS.

My solution was to disable the Z-waveJS integration (I have ZwaveJS2MQTT as an addon

and in ZwaveJS2MQTT I have disabled the WS Server as all I want to do is use Node Red.

I’m not sure if that is why I can’t seem to get my door lighting flow to work or what

When I try to use a device I’ve added to zwavejs2mqtt, I get this error

I have to think I’m missing a step. When I disabled zwavejs2mqtt, suddenly my traffic was cut in half and my dashboard/lovelace devices/cards started working, but this device doesn’t seem to work in node red.

As an aside - how do you add devices if you go full node-red? I had to restart the WS server to add it and then disabled WS server to go back to node red, is that standard?