Double Gang Switch With Tasmota Firmware

I would like to share this little project that I have been working on for the past few and I finally come to the point where I can share it with guys. This was made possible with of those videos.
2 - Putting a Sonoff in your wall switch box
big thank you guys

Wemos D1 mini with Tasmota firmware
MOC3021 Octo
2 Pins Terminal Block
Disclaimer: Please Do not mess around high voltage if you are not an electrician. Because I’m not one.

You made your own Sonoff?!
Awesome! Good work!
is that a custom PCB?

Yes sir, it is

Nice one, very neatly done too. I’m sure there was immense satisfaction involved, which is obviously priceless. but have to ask the big question…was it cheaper than just buying a Sonoff?

I know it does cost me more than a sonoff; but i wanted to see if i can actually make it myself. And believe it or not i like it more than a sonoff. I made a “single one version, double gang and a three gang version of it”. And I’m thinking about making a four gang version of it too.

Exactly the reason why I would’ve done it too :slight_smile:

The cheapness of Sonoffs actually spoilt the having to learn how for me but having said that I’m getting a kick out of putting them in places they weren’t intended to be at the moment.

I’m a big fan of diy

Me too, just not so good at finishing it before starting something else.