Double protocol in RTL_433 to MQTT Bridge

Hello everyone, I am new to the exciting world of Home Assistan.
I managed to enter data from my Acurite 5 in 1 weather station with the RTL_433 plugin to the MQTT bridge, which is configured in protocol 40

My problem this is that in the same RTL_433 to the MQTT bridge, I want to get the data from other devices by 433 MHz, like
the magnetic sensors, which are in the doors and also work in the 433MHz frequency.

Can 2 different protocols be received?

thank you very much for your help

mqtt_user: carlxxxxxxxx
mqtt_password: xxxxxxxxxxx
mqtt_topic: homeassistant/sensor/currentcost
protocol: 40
frequency: 433920000
gain: 60
frequency_offset: 0

RTL_433 can definitely receive more than 1 protocol. But how to do that in the add-on, I don’t know.

Thanks for your answer
I also believe that it is possible to capture different protocols from the same RTL 433 device, but the issue is how?

I receive information from an Acurite temperature/humidity sensor AND a maverick thermometer using RTL-433 and I publish it to my Mosquitto (Mqtt) set up In home assistant, I use node-red to handle the information and create entities and then I use those entities in automations and scripts. Probably an easier way…but I wanted to learn about node-red.

rtl_433 -F "mqtt: events=rtl_433"

The information is in topic rtl_433. (note: the topic is whatever you put after events= )
you can add user= and password= between the quotes if you use mosquitto authentication.

The events will come in mixed…but clearly identified. You’ll want to follow topic: rtl_433/# where rtl_433 is whatever you picked as an event name.

good luck…