Double speed Raspberry Pi Template

Hi, very new user, just installed it today, just got the raspberry too, so I’m noobing around the clock.

I’ve managed to create an automation and the circuit to control the fan now using a template and the raspberry with a 5v fan being driven by the 17 pin (I will edit to include link to the howto).

So all its well, works great, but at 5v it is loud, although the article that showed me how to do it was stuck with needing the 5v for the fan, this one happily runs off the lower 3.3v and is nice and quiet.

I could just drop it down, but that seems a little easy.

What I want to do is have it so that I can use pin 17 and 18, to control both 3.3v and 5v going to the fan depeneding on temperatures.

So, say from 55-65 it’ll use 3.3v of the 18 pin, and above 65 its the 5v running off of pin 17.

What I also want to ensure is that it only does either pint 17 or pin 18 on the GPIO, both off, then one one, never having two on at the same time. That way I can just cheat on the circuit.

Any assistance would be homey.