Downgrade question

I think one of the newer updates may have broke something in my setup. Everything was working great until I updated HA. I’m having a problem with the Kodi integration and looking at Github, there does seem to be some changes that happened the past month or two. If I downgrade HA will that give me an older version of the Kodi integration? If not, is it possible to install an older version of Kodi integration?

You can just restore the backup you made before updating to role back and find out if the update was the problem!

Downgrading versions is a lot faster.


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From what I read I use SSH to downgrade? Is there somewhere where I can find the version numbers and when they were released?

It’s only giving me the option to do a partial restore?

Why are you doing a restore?

I thought you wanted to know how to downgrade?

In the link you gave me it said it’s best to do a restore to downgrade. Or should I do it this way?

That way would be faster and will retain all your history. Restoring a backup will lose the history you have accumulated since the last backup.

It’s only an issue if there have been database schema changes. It has been a while since that has occurred.

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I was able to downgrade to a previous version. I went back to 2023.3.6 but I do have some errors now. What would cause these errors and how can I fix them?

Update to the latest version -.-

Did you check the logs like the errors tell you to?

Here’s what the logs say.

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From the bit of the errors I can see though it appears you have rolled back about five months. That’s definitely not going to work. Due to database changes.

As I thought…

I installed HA about 9 months ago. How do I get HA back to that exact state? I’m using the Kodi integration and I had it set up so that when I pressed Play, my smart lights turned off, and when I press Pause or Stop, the lights come on. I’m not sure what happened, but Pause stopped registering in the Kodi integration player. With the player pulled up in the HA app on my phone, I press Pause and it doesn’t register. The video pauses but it still says Playing on the Kodi integration. Since it still says Playing, that doesn’t turn the lights on. I’m assuming the Pause function broke in one of the updates? Play and Stop both work fine.

I thought you would be just rolling back one version to check if it was the latest update that was causing issues.

You do not want to restore to a 9 month old state. Bad idea. Do not do it.

Here are the currently open issues for Kodi:

If your issue is not listed there and you are sure it is not a configuration issue (check the current documentation) you can open a new issue to get it fixed.


The frustrating part is after I rolled back to an older version of HA, the pause did work for about a half hour and then it just stopped working again. I did nothing to HA in that half hour so I don’t know what changed. I’m wondering if it’s the way Kodi is being discovered on my HTPC. I see that it’s in 2 different sections of HA. In Kodi it’s seen using the ip address and in the other section it says Desktop. When I click the ip address and go to the Player it shows Kodi with a bunch of numbers after it.

Where do I open a new issue?

There is a big green New Issue button on the github page I linked to above.