I’m trying to use a custom integration whose developer says isn’t compatible with 2022.4. And so I’m trying to downgrade to an earlier release. Thought I’d found the method and installed the ssh add-on and entered
Ha core update - version 2022.3.8

To which it tells me it’s processing then immediately says “error version 2022.4.6 already installed”

Screenshot enclosed .

Any help would be appreciated.


I should have mentioned its a fresh install and I’m happy completely starting again and doing a fresh flash of my raspberry pi, but i’m pretty new to home assistant

You didn’t quite get the command correct.

ha core update --version 2022.3.8

Note the two dashes and lack of space to version


Brill that seems to be working

I use virtual box, how do I downgrade on virtual box?

same way exact way I believe

I can’t ssh into HA, where exactly do I put the commands.

Install the ssh add-on


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All sorted now, it was not the update, I thing I was too quick to restart and too impatient leading to the issues that I had.

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