Download older version of hassbian

Good day everyone

Is there a way I can download a previous version of hassbian. Some changes in new version is causing some issues, I tried to revert back but issue persisted. Now I want to reload with an older image. Where could I download such an image?

Thx for the link.
So I downloaded an older versions of Hassbian, after the install waiting for the frondend to start it seems it updates itself. Is there anyway to stop that from happening?

I don’t know of any way - I didn’t know it automatically updated :grinning:

However, you can install a specific version of HA on to your version of hassbian by using the manual update method, but specifying the version in the pip install line, for instance

pip3 install homeassistant=0.68.1

After I updated and experienced my issue i Tried that, it down graded fine, but still had the issue it didnt revert the changes back i think. but thanks anyway will keep on trying to get it working.