Downloading firmware from Z-Wave device?

I have several devices of the same make and model but a couple of them have out of date firmware. I’d like to flash the latest firmware but I’ve had trouble getting access to the right version. Is there a way to download the firmware from one device so I can flash it to another? I am using the SiliconLabs Zwave coordinator dongle and the ZWave JS integration in HA.

The short answer is no, because Z-Wave JS does not have an API for downloading firmware from nodes. The plumbing to do so is there, just not the implementation of the full process.

Other hurdles are:

  • The device in question would need to support Firmware Update Meta Data Command Class v5, which many don’t. This version is only required for Z-Wave Plus V2 devices. Check the version of your devices, if it’s not v5 there’s no chance.
  • I’m not able to find any requirement that downloads actually be supported, a device is allowed to return a “This firmware target is not downloadable” error. So even if v5 is supported, your vendor may block it.

Here’s an open issue asking for the feature: