Drag & Drop Dashboard - Gaps with hidden conditional cards

Not sure this is the right place for this , but if not pls let me know.

Firstly , excellent job with the drag and drop dashboard … love it

However slight issue I have found which is when using conditional cards, in the new drag & drop dashboard view they leave the gap in normal view. The original masonry view didn’t and it looked better.

Think I might be repeating what others have found , so apologies if I have.

Doesn’t distract from a cool new feature thou … thank you

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I’m also experiencing this, did you find a fix at all?

Hi there ,

TBH you are the only person that as replied to my post , so as yet I haven’t found a fix or work around.

Hopefully its been reported on other posts and may be something included for the next release

There’s an issue created for this in github, sadly no reply from devs so far:

Thank you … good to hear its at least reported