Dragon Tech WD-100

Hello all,

I have 3 WD-100 dimmers that I have a problem with. HA does not know their status unless status is changed from within HA. They appear in Z-wave JS Control panel and do respond to basic commands. However local changes from the dimmer are not reflected in the in the UI. They all report 5.14 firmware and at least one of them has been removed and re-added recently. HA system and plugins are all one version behind current. All other z-wave devices are working fine in this respect (status).

Has anyone seen and this behavior? Is there a fix? Workaround? I expect someone with better skills than mine would be able to set up polling which would be a patch. But this does not seem to be a good idea. Perhaps for short term until I can replace the units or relocate them to less active areas where slow polling would be less of a nuisance. At the moment I am not doing any thing special with them or any other lights for that matter, so it is not a problem. Later, it will be at the very least an annoyance so better to fix or replace / relocate sooner if I can.

Thanks to all for your efforts.


Two things come to mind.

  1. Re-interview the nodes.
  2. They’re not actually plus devices meaning they need to be polled for status changes from outside HA.
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Try reinterviewing the device, opening up the UI on incognito tab, and if you have Z-Wave JS UI try verifying your associations are setup.

Never heard of this. I have re-interviewed nodes though.

This explains it. I had no idea that this was a feature of early z-wave devices. I now see posts I can run down for solutions…

Thanks for the input.


Because your devices are Z-Wave plus you should not have to poll them. They should automatically report state changes. The issue is likely your associations.

It was a typo.