DRF2658c Zigbee coordinator

Hi all,
I picked up the DRF2658c in hopes of creating a strong network without having a lot of zigbee devices throughout the home. I thought I’d post this up to document the process and get pointers from the community.

So far I tried just plugging it in and setting up ZHA. Tried silicon laps and TI protocol. Changed baud to 38400, both hardware and software controlled.
So far no luck.

Up next… download configuration software and change settings. Change unit to coordinator. What else??

My configuration:
HASSOS 5.2 usb to ssd
Core 0.116.0


  - /dev/ttyACM0
  - >-
  - /dev/ttyUSB0
  - >-
  - /dev/ttyAMA0

Add link to the configuration software below:
Config software

Update 10.10
Found software above and changed module to coordinator, baud to 9600, channel =15…
No luck again with plug and play for ZHA!

Today i tried setting the module up as a receiver to use as a repeater. All settings the same as noted above except the point type changed to receiver.
No luck in discovering the module with my CC2531 in the same room. units are less than 3ft from each other at the moment.

I would appreciate some pointers from anyone more experienced with this stuff. I’m lost as to what to try next.

OK so I haven’t had any luck with getting the unit to act as a coordinator or router. I’m going to try and flash the unit with zha stack from TI. Hopefully this task can be done fairly easily. I’ll brick it or it will work…

It contains a CC2530, so you could try to flash the Zigbee2MQTT firmware.

Contains the CC2630, I’ll check out that suggestion.

Just an update. I have not taken this project any further. It doesn’t look like i’ll be able to flash the CC2530 to Zibee2MQTT or laod ZHA stack without further equipment. I don’t think i’ll be able to use this device as a coordinator or repeater at this point.