Drivers for ESP32

I bought 3 ESP32 branded XTVTX with the idea to install ESP Presence but I am stuck at the very beginning of the process. In the details on the webpage it is listed as CP210x, looking at the boards with a len I can read 2102.
I installed all drivers for Windows (My PC is running Windows 10) but the device is not seen at all.
When I try flashing it from ESP Presence website it prompt that no devices are connected.

Anyone can hlep me to find the right drivers / way to proceed?

Thank you in advance!

I manage to solve this, the issue was not the drivers, but the cable! I had several USB cables but porbably some are not of a good quality and only a few works with my ESP32.
I’m leaving this comment to hep other that might go crazy with this issue like me: In the troubleshooting, test more cables.