Drones? DJI Tello dones

Hi there,

Anyone ever tried to use drones as part of their home automation?
I just saw linus tech tips regarding those drones, and it looks that he’s using node red
Would be fun to see anyone’s input on this


Really cool. Would be great to send a drome to a room on motion to take a picture that will be analyzed!


Ok so i got my drone today

Looks cool however i am not sure how to get it to work via node red (on my hassio session)
Anyone knows how i can get past this? im currently running on a ubuntu virtual box

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Yes it does work with Node-Red and this drone as they communicate over wifi. Unfortunattely, there is no GPS and positioning will be very challanging. The used cases are limited but it is a fun excercide to get into node-red development.

I will go for it as soon there is GPS positioning available :slight_smile:

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Any news? Updates regarding rhis topic?

Hi so i returned the drone
It is very challenging indeed. Also very limited use case, so i gave up on it
Few roadblocks i got was:

  • Battery life, with no gps/positional awareness its a challenge, even if you would want to build a “helipad” with quick wireless charging
  • Running it indoor was a pain in the ass, yet alone doing it programmatically. I have very tight corridors and flying it through straight was kinda hard manually

All in all i decided to bench this for now, perhaps there might be better ones in the future

Ok. Thanks.
I think ill put it with wire charging with a magnet head, that way it will plug off by flying away…i dont need it to do much only fly to the middle of the room and take photos…

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Here’s instructions on how to implement/send command Node.js and React.

And here’s Python code to execute command (I’m no expert but looks like it)

Calling our experts to integrate with HA!!!

I’m thinking since one would know how big the front/driveway is. We then could tell Tello to fly straight then turn to where the motion sensor is and start capture video/image…that’s my thought.


This would be pretty awesome.