Dropbox backup script - error uploading

I’ve setup the Dropbox backup script on my RPi 3 running HA 0.73.

The first inital backup to dropbox was successful with no errors. But every subsequent backup produces Error Uploading File for every file. I’ve checked the config elements in dropbox.py script and it all seems correct.

#If 1 then files will be uploaded. Set to 0 for testing
upload = 1
#If 1 then don't check to see if the file already exists just upload it, if 0 don't upload if already exists
overwrite = 1
#If 1 then crawl sub directories for files to upload
recursive = 1
#Delete local file on successfull upload
deleteLocal = 0

I can’t seem to find a log file for any of the dropbox scripts to be able to troubleshoot the issue further. Any ideas?

Is this the second (or thereafter) pass?

If so it’s normal if the file that’s being uploaded is identical to the one that’s already on Dropbox. I think it’s just a general error message, when it should actually say "skipping because there’s no change to the file.

It won’t say it for the files that have changed, but it goes through every file every time.

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Thanks for the clarification. After making some changes to a couple of files in the config directory, I’ve ran the dropbox.py script and it’s uploaded the changed files.