Dryer notification based on vibration sensor

I have a vibration sensor on my dryer that I would like to notify me when the dryer has run at least 5 minutes and then check every 15 minutes to see if its still moving. If it’s not moving I want it to trigger an announcement to come through my speakers.

Everything I’ve tried will trigger the timer if the dryer is bumped and then after 5 minutes I get the notification.

Another variable is, because the washing machine (that’s on a power sensor) is running so close to the dryer, its triggers the dryer vibration timer during the spin cycle.

So ultimately what I’m looking for is:

  1. if the washing machine is running (using power via the power sensor), does not trigger the complete notification automation.

  2. If the dryer is running for 5 minutes or more, signal a notify automation after the vibration is NOT sensed for 5 minutes.

I know how to get the notification part to work, the problem is I can’t the first part to work so anytime the dryer senses any sudden vibration, it starts the timer to set off the notification.

I appreciate any help someone can provide. I’m a novice so I’ll appreciate visual example or instructions spelled out for me.

Thanks in advance!!

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Bumping this up as I also have vibration sensors I intend to use for our dryer and washing machine.

I’m looking for examples to ensure the notification only goes off if the appliance ran for at least 5 mins and the sensor not detected any vibrations for at least 2 mins.

There’s no need for any fancy dashboard stats or buttons or voice announcements.

Provide details of the sensors you currently have to provide this data. Is it just a vibration sensor — are you looking for 5 mins on then 2 mins off? Is the “on” state continuous for those 5 minutes?

someone just asked pretty much this exact question (but different time thresholds).

take a look at the thread and solution here:

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I have two Tuya TS0210 ZigBee sensors: TuYa TS0210 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

I want to make sure that the dryer actually ran and notnjust got bumped which would trigger a vibration. The dryer has an anti-crease feature after the main drying cycle. It runs for 5-10s and then waits another minute.

Ideally, there should be two notifications:

  • One when the main cycle is over (no more than 10s without any movements)
  • One when the anti-crease phase is over (dryer spins for about 10s followed by a 1 minute pause, 10s spin, etc)

I’m mostly concerned about the end of the anti-crease phase.

did you already look at the thread i sent? the post i sent does that detection. the asking in that thread had different time thresholds (they wanted a couple minutes, not just 10 seconds).

adding another notificaiton isn’t hard if you have a way of detecting when to send it… i’ts not clear how to detect one vs the other of your stages. but the thread posted will be resilient to “bumps”. it’ll be resilient to temporary stops (to add/remove some cloths) and send the notification when it’s really done (defined by a threshold of no vibration).

Thanks for that. I’ve added another automation following your idea. We don’t need to use the dryer for another day so it can take a while until I can test if it works.

great. if you want to add a detection of 10s w/o vibration to send one notification, then another notification for 1 minute pause (do i have that right?) that’s quite easy to add. take a look at the automation, it’s not complex so perhaps you can figure that out? but if you need help, just ask.