DS18B20 - how to verify lack of sensor?

I’m stuck a bit with stupid problem, maybe somebody here can help. Simple device built with ESP8266, two temperature sensors DS18B20 connected. Everything works well, my code:

  - platform: dallas
    address: 0x7F000001509C8228
    name: "Sonda 1"
    id: sonda_1

  - platform: dallas
    address: 0x1c0000031edd2a29
    name: "Sonda 2"
    id: sonda_2
  - pin: D0
    update_interval: 10s

    lambda: |-
      if (id(sonda_1).has_state()) {
        it.printf(1, 24, id(MSS_20), "%.1f °", id(sonda_1).state); 
      } else it.print(1, 24, id(MSS_20), "NA");  

      if (id(sonda_2).has_state()) {
        it.printf(75, 24, id(MSS_20), "%.1f °", id(sonda_2).state); 
      } else it.print(75, 24, id(MSS_20), "NA");  

Idea was simple: if sensor exists and is readable - sensor value is displayed, if not - displayed is “NA”. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as expected, because these sensors have always value, even if they are not connected. If sensor is not connected from the beginning - value is “nan” and it would be simple, I can detect this “nan” in if command. But when working sensor will be disconnected, situation is worse: still last measured value is frozen.

So, my question: how to verify such value or how to detect if sensor is present?

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I have the same issue!
Could you find any solution meantime?


Hi Laszlo,

No, unfortunately I was not able to find solution and because it was not so important in this my project, I have just left it as it is.