DS18B20 Temperature Sensor on server gpio

I recently gathered a few RasPis, including my HASS server (Docker image, no supervisor) 
in a box with a common power supply.
Is there a way to use a DS18B20 sensor inside this case to monitor temperature?
I looked into rpi_gpio integration to see if I could use it, but it is  deprecated, 
then I thought I might look into shell integration, 
but since there are so many experienced users around, I guess it would be wise to ask, 
so here I am.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Please don’t code block your text. Very difficult to read in a narrow box Ike that.

This should do what you want:

Many thanks for the immediate response.
Sorry for the code block, the system insisted I had some code in my message so I should use it, and I didn’ t like to click on the red button …
So far I have avoided to use message que (though I was with one of the first IBM customers in Greece that ever implemented it), so, if there’ s some other approach, please let me know.
Thnaks again.