DSC or Honeywell Alarm System?

I’m moving into a new house and I have a blank sheet of paper for my new automation system and I really want my alarm system and all the sensors to be integrated.

I will have many zones, maybe 30+ and I want this to be wired so that I get access to lots of motion sensors that don’t require battery replacement.

Any preferences for all-round use as well as integration capabilities? I’m aware I may need to use Envisalink or an ESP32 but would prefer one less component if any integrate directly with HA.

If the AlarmDecoder USB dongle is available for purchase, it allegedly plugs straight into your HA box’s USB port. I have one on a Raspberry Pi running their AlarnDecoder distro, but have been planning to move the USB dongle to my HA system when the Pi ultimately fails from age…

I went with a wired DSC system and EnvisaLink. I found an installer that simply did the install of all the components I specified without requiring me to sign up for monitoring. It works quite well with Home Assistant and I still have the option for monitoring. From what I’ve read, the EnvisaLink works a little better with DSC.