DSML slimme meter does not show the values

I installed DSMR Slimme meter integration, using P1 cable and USB port on RPi3, after few tries with versions I found out that 5S is working with Iskra 5500 energy meter.

So integration was successful, 1 device and 16 entities was recognized, but no values. All values are unknown. I cant find parameter configuration for this integration, someone mentioned that baud rate should fit, but can’t find where to define it.

Am I missing any step in integration? Note that I’m not using any additional device, only p1 cable.


Do you see values in the WEB UI of DSMR?

Hi, I’m not using DSMR reader, but DSMR slime meter. As I understand those are two different integrations. I’ve read that DSMR reader is better, but it seams to difficult for me for installation.

ah, I see, then I don’t know… :wink:

Any luck with this problem?
I have the same.
Newly installed Slimme Meter and just unknown values.