DSMR datalogger Add-on for Home Assistant

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Hi! I created the DSMR Datalogger Add-on (https://dsmr-reader.readthedocs.io/en/v4/tour.html). It’s a solution to monitor your power usage with an USB P1 meter.

Here is my repository: https://github.com/sanderdw/hassio-addons which you can add in HA and where you can find further instructions.

17 December 2020: Updated to support v2 and v3 hardware
1 October 2020: Updated for v4 of dsmr-reader


Nice! Do also have plans to make an addon for the dsmr reader?

I thought about it but as it depends on a database i’m not sure about the sdcard wearing (mostly Raspberry users i think)… Maybe if there is more interest i could create one.

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I runned a hassbian installation and dsmr reader installation on the same rpi 3 from a flash drive. A colleague of mine did the same form a sd card. Both worked well. (Now I used a supervised installation on a pi4 with a ssd and it works even better)

I wonder if there are many people who still use a sd card since the pi4 also supports boot from usb.

A dsmr reader addon would be great, You’ve got my vote :smiley:

I second this

Did you know there is a way to do this already with the help of the portainer addon? I put up a little step by step plan here: https://github.com/sanderdw/hassio-addons/issues/3#issuecomment-727913786

17 December 2020: Updated to support v2 and v3 hardware

Please do, or give a step by step how to on the docker version but a repository on DSMR Reader would be better, with a side note to use it if you run a SSD or something.

But is it strange that the Logger is a repository item and the reader isn’t