DSMR datalogger Add-on for Home Assistant

Hi! I created the DSMR Datalogger Add-on (https://dsmr-reader.readthedocs.io/en/v4/tour.html). It’s a solution to monitor your power usage with an USB P1 meter.
See also the recently released DSMR Reader Add-on for Home Assistant.

Here is my repository: GitHub - sanderdw/hassio-addons: DSMR Reader Datalogger and Metabase Home Assistant Add-ons which you can add in HA and where you can find further instructions.

2022-04-21: 1.1.0 Update for DSMR v5 - See changelog
Changelog here


Nice! Do also have plans to make an addon for the dsmr reader?

I thought about it but as it depends on a database i’m not sure about the sdcard wearing (mostly Raspberry users i think)… Maybe if there is more interest i could create one.

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I runned a hassbian installation and dsmr reader installation on the same rpi 3 from a flash drive. A colleague of mine did the same form a sd card. Both worked well. (Now I used a supervised installation on a pi4 with a ssd and it works even better)

I wonder if there are many people who still use a sd card since the pi4 also supports boot from usb.

A dsmr reader addon would be great, You’ve got my vote :smiley:

I second this

Did you know there is a way to do this already with the help of the portainer addon? I put up a little step by step plan here: https://github.com/sanderdw/hassio-addons/issues/3#issuecomment-727913786

17 December 2020: Updated to support v2 and v3 hardware

Please do, or give a step by step how to on the docker version but a repository on DSMR Reader would be better, with a side note to use it if you run a SSD or something.

But is it strange that the Logger is a repository item and the reader isn’t

I’m running dsmr reader as hassio addon for a while now and created a separate postrgesql hassio addon as well to provide a database. I can share the code tomorrow. It only needs some changes to use the data folders of hassio for storing the database and settings. Otherwise you loose data when rebooting. Also I’m currently not using Hassio base images which might be a good improvement.

Will post the GitHub url tomorrow.

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first setup for postgres and dsmr-reader addons. Should make the changes described above and add all configuration values available from the Hassio supervisor UI.

Also feel free to send a PR with changes/improvements if you have any.

Hi @westenberg, seems there is already an postgres addon here: Home Assistant Add-on: PostgreSQL + TimescaleDB

I think it needs a more basic Postgres add-on. TimescaleDB is meant for time series databases, built on top of Postgres.

The Timescaledb addon just runs a postgres server, with optional TimescaleDb support. So if you need a few databases there without TimescaleDb-addon installed, just don’t config those databaes for Timescale.

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In that case TimescaleDb can be used as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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The DSMR Reader add-on is released, DSMR Reader Add-on for Home Assistant! Would love your feedback! @westenberg, @Dengaman, @nelbs

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Yay!! This looks very nice!

How does it work?
Do I need the three DSMR Reader + Datalogger + Postgres addon’s?

really nice!!

No only 2 :slight_smile:. You just need to install the Postgres addon first and afterwards you just need to install the DSMR Reader addon. You don’t need the Datalogger addon. You can find the instructions here: https://github.com/sanderdw/hassio-addons/tree/master/dsmr_reader

Allright! So… what are the main differences with: DSMR Slimme Meter - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Does the DSMR Reader replaces this sensor-integration? And put a nice GUI on top?

Good question, yes it’s an alternative piece of software which is handeling and aggregating the telegrams with a lot of functionality build in, see here: https://dsmr-reader.readthedocs.io/en/v4/intro.html. You won’t get that with https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/dsmr/ where you would need create all the logic yourself.

You can additionally use https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/dsmr_reader/ to get the data back in HA. Or just use https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/sql/ against the DSMR Reader PostgresDB created in the TimescaleDb addon.

I responded to a similar discussion earlier here: https://github.com/sanderdw/hassio-addons/issues/2#issuecomment-716523320