DSMR: I don't understand the values after installation of solar power system

I have had an ESP32 connected to my DSMR P1 port for a long time. Now that I have also installed a solar system, I don’t really understand the values anymore.

Here is a screenshot of my current readings:

The data on the left comes directly from my solar array, the data on the right is what I get from the DSMR.

The DSMR tells me that I’m currently feeding 1.202 W back into the grid, when in fact I’m feeding almost nothing back (10 W to be precise) because all the power produced by the solar panels is consumed directly and excess power is stored in my battery.

It also says that I’m currently getting 1.157 W from the grid. This is also wrong, I’m not getting anything because the solar array is currently producing enough power.

I don’t even understand where these figures come from, they make no sense to me. Maybe someone here is more intelligent than me and can give me a hint on this subject…