DSMR on separate RPi

I have Raspberry Pi with DSMR (de slimme meter) installed in my electrical cabinet. How can I connect my RPi running the latest Home Assistant 0.87.1 and get readout?


  • platform: dsmr
    port: 80
    dsmr_version: 5

name: Meter readings
- sensor.power_consumption_low
- sensor.power_consumption_normal
- sensor.power_production_low
- sensor.power_production_normal
- sensor.gas_consumption

So, let me check if I understand your setup correct:
You have a RPI connected to your slimme meter via a usb-serial port and want to have that RPI send its data to your RPI running Home Assistant somewhere else in your house?

Hi @pathia ,

I was searching for this as well. I have this situation in my home: rpi4 is running near the ‘Slimme Meter’ and my Home Assistant is elsewhere in my house (with good reasons) on a separate rpi.
What I want is just display my metrics in HA as well.

It’s been a while since my previous post. In the meantime you can just order one of these easy devices : https://www.zuidwijk.com/product/slimmelezer-plus/