DSMR slimme meter to Mqtt

Newby to HA on RPi4.
I installed Mosquitto Mqtt and integration of DSMR Slimme meter. I cannot find the entities and sensor topics in MQTT Explorer.
I want to use them in NodeRed.
Who can set me on the right track?

The “DSMR Slimme Meter” integration makes the Smart Meter visible as a Home Assistant device, but does not interface in any way with MQTT. If you want to have your Smart Meter data available over MQTT, your best bet is to drop the DSMR Slimme Meter integration and use a service external to Home Assistant.

Here’s the application I use for this purpose:

The following is a more fully-featured alternative that you may find interesting:


Thank you antonijn
I will use the DSMR reader option with Mqtt.