DSRM via ser2net

Hello all,

I’m a new to HA, running it for a few months now.

I want to read out my smart energy meter into HA.
My server running HA is not near the smart energy meter, so I want to read out the meter with RPI 3B+ and send the data via the network to my server.
I found the following method

Dutch Smart meter (ziv-e0058-esmr5) connected with P1 cable to USB of RPI3B

Ubuntu 20.04
Home Assistant 0.114.4 running in docker container

On my RPI3B+ I installed Ser2Net to share the USB port over the network (port 2001)
This part is working. I verified this by installing socat on the RPI3B+ and reading out the virtual USB port in Domoticz.

In HA I added the code to configuration.yaml

  • platform: dsmr
    port: 2001
    dsmr_version: 5

However the values of the entities of DSRM are not updated in HA.
Can somebody help me to solve the issue, at least start debugging?


Got it partly working by creating virtual usb port with socat on the HA system.
But the DSRM parser is not compatible with my smart energy meter output
So I moved to a different approach, sending P1 data-> MQTT and reading the MQTT data from HA.
This works!

Hi Pim,

Do you use a specific P1 cable for this?

We have the same meter now, but can’t get the current off-the-shelf solution working (HomeWizard). The Energy network company said this meter requires RJ12 (so 6p6c) while standard p1 cable are only rj11 (4 wires).

You have your system operational, so I’m eager to learn!

Kind regards,