DTE Energy Bridge v2 as energy provider

It looks like there are a handful or so of similar topics on this subject but not many of them are recent, and the most recent ones are not helping much in getting this working for me.

I have a DTE Energy Bridge v2 with recent firmware that exposes current energy use over MQTT, here is an example of the output:

~ ❯❯❯ mosquitto_sub -h -p 2883 -t ‘event/metering/instantaneous_demand/#’

How do i get this into HomeAssistant for my Energy Dashboard? Id like to see the “demand” variable used in HomeAssistant to show my energy usage by the hour at the very least.

I’ve been experimenting with some different configuration.yaml settings from various old topics and github threads with no luck.

Apologies if my question is rather noob-ish, I’m only recently starting to get into integrating all of my smart appliances into my HomeAssistant instance and this type of integration is totally new to me. (This is actually the last of my devices i haven’t integrated yet)

Thank you in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Do you have an MQTT broker already running on a different computer or device? Mosquitto can be used to bridge to the Energy Bridge MQTT broker either within the Mosquitto broker HA addon or via the mosquitto broker running on a different machine or device.

I have mosquitto running on my instance of haOS. I can see the energy bridge in MQTT explorer. I’m not understanding how to get it into Home Assistant.

Like the OP, I’m having no luck following old guides (as most of them have deprecated YAML examples)