Dual analog output

Hello community,

i want to control a device with a dual b10k poti and unconventional wiring.


T = top terminal 1-3
B = bottom terminal 1-3

on 100% the measured resistance between

  • T1 & T2 = 10.9 kΩ
  • B1 & T2 = 2 Ω

switching poti down to 0%

  • T1 & T2 = 2 Ω
  • B1 & T2 = 10.9 kΩ

Is there a way to to use one “platform: speed” slider to control two inverted outputs?

Anyway here is the code for one output so far:

  - platform: speed
    output: pwm_output
    name: "output"

  - platform: ledc
    id: pwm_output
    pin: GPIO4

Thank you in advance for your help

I was thinking that you could just use one of the groups of three pins and ignore the other?