Dual dimmer wired

Hi there,

I just moved with my family to a new home. The first challenge I encountered is that both the living room light and the dining table light are connected to the same dimmer. Because we want to control the lamps separately, I need a dual dimmer.

Of course as a Home Assistant enthusiast, I also want to be able to control it through HA. Does anyone know of a smart dual dimmer that is wired physically to both lamps and is controllable through both physical control and a standardised protocol (preferably Zigbee)?

If not, what are my other options?


Im also curious what others will say, since I had the same problem.
My desired dual dimmer would be one with two rotary buttons. I was not able to find such thing (even one that is not “smart”).
I’ve ended up with dual momentary switch wired to fibaro dimmer. Since two fibaro dimmers do not fit in my light box, I’ve hard-wired the second light line (always on), installed Tradfri zigbee bulbs (they are cheaper than z-wave one) and configured the second momentary button (fibaro dimmer scenes) to control those bulbs (via HA).

What wires do you have in your switch box?

I assume there are separate switched live wires to each lamp from the switch box?

I have been looking for exactly the same thing.

I believe this would work as a direct replacement for existing dimmer modules and can even keep same faceplate.

However it’s not at a price I can justify so currently working on an ESP8266 DIY solution, using rotary encoders and MOSFET dimming circuit that should hopefully fit into a single gang box.