Dual Wifi/lan setup

Hi there, first post

ATM I connect to internet with a 4g wifi huawey router which has a limit of 5 client.

My idea is to use an AP, connected to the Raspi’seth port, to connect all the devices.
I’d like to know:

  • is there any howto for such a setup?
  • will HA’s work?

Basically, Raspi would create a nat between the “device wireless lan” and the outside word.


To setup the rpi as AP issimple, but if it is possible to use it with HA I have no clue

thank you for your answer

I’m thinking about this kind of setup:

on the devices’ wifi, AP will work as the dhcp server
Raspi will have a fixed IP in the device’s range
Hope this is clear enough

thank you again