Dual Zone heating system controlled by TRVs

Ok, so I’m sure this is a fairly common use case but for the life of me I can’t find anywhere discussing a plain way to do it, maybe I’m using bad terminology as I’ve only just got into Home Assistant.

I have 2 Moes zigbee wall thermostats I’ve used to replace my old mechanical ones. My existing heating controller is still in place and just set to have both zones on permanently with the thermostats controlling everything.

I’m also going to be replacing all of my current dumb TRVs with smart ones, let’s say for the sake of simplicity 3 upstairs and 3 downstairs.
What I want to accomplish is having a group or device or entity for each zone (or floor) that will monitor the state of the TRVs and if any of them are demanding heat, I’ll set the relevant wall thermostat to 25 degrees. If none of them are demanding heat, I’ll set the wall thermostat to 15 degrees.
I think I could do what I want with multiple automations with conditions looking at all the TRVs but surely there’s a way to have a single “on or off” state from looking at multiple other entities local_temperature and comparing it with current_heating_setpoint?