Duck dns and lets encrypt

After a while (3 month?) my home assistant stop working from out side home network. I’m using hassbian and RPI 3 with duck dns and let’s encrypt. the duck dns logg says everything is ok. no items regarding duck dns or lets encrypt in the system logg.
I only get to the log in page from out side home network.

I guess I need to update the certificate some how, if I remember correctly it was only valid for 3 month but the add on should update it. right?

Auto Renewal

I hope this helps.

You’re confusing Hassio with Hassbian.

Thank you for the reply.
Yes DavidFW1960, It’s all confusing. I’ve installed and the Duckdns addon.
In the guide Prathik_Gopal posted states that it should not be used on a

However, when I now got some time to sit down and fixing it, it’s magically working again. It hasn’t worked in a couple of weeks and I tried several times over 2-3 weeks period and now it does.