Duck DNS - cannot access Unifi add-on on https

I setup DuckDNS and it’s working fine, most of the recent guides (such as this one) don’t include anything that covers the Let’s Encrypt side of things. But… from what I have read, that’s cool the DuckDNS add-on takes care of that for you, great!

One of the deals with this setup is the fact that you use the DuckDNS domain to access your HA inside AND outside, so no more local.hassio etc., that’s fine (I feel I’m lamenting the local address, but I don’t know why… :see_no_evil:).

OK so moving on to the issue, I can’t access my Unifi controller web UI when accessing HA through the secure DuckDNS domain. It takes me to:



Unifi is installed as an add-on to HA - So do I need to setup additional port forwarding to access my Unifi setup? Or is it a case of a config change in Unifi? I changed ssl from False, to True after installing DuckDNS:

ssl: True
certfile: fullchain.pem
keyfile: privkey.pem

I have actually tried both True and False with no success. I also amended the host name in Unifi to match the DNS address - no joy. The only way I seem to be able access Unifi now is if I access HA using its IP address and port with the ‘http’ prefix, then I can get into Unifi.

My config file has the following:

    base_url: https://******
    ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
    ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem
    ip_ban_enabled: True
    login_attempts_threshold: 3

Weirdly, I don’t have a ssl directory when browsing in File editor, is this normal? Or is the ssl folder stored locally to the HA instance and only accessible by SSH or the local terminal?

Also another weird thing is that when I view my certificate in browser (when logged in through the DuckDNS domain), it states the author is Bitdefender …:

Bitdefender is my AV but why is it here? Shouldn’t this be Let’s Encrypt? :thinking:

I’m running version 0.113.3 in a VM through virtual box, using an EdgeRouter X SFP

Any help would be greatly appreciated as ever, thanks all.