Duck DNS down

Duck DNS appears to be down for me. Anyone else?

nope. all my 3 instances are responding without hiccup (still…)

It seems for me the website of is also really difficult to access.
And my own home assistant via duckdns is inaccessible right now. Locally i can connect it to it.

I’ll just wait sometime. Hopefully it is a duckdns problem and they will it fix it.

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Hmm. I cant get there from my servers via two separate ISPs in Australia or Antarctica (though that goes through Oz as well).

Yeah local access is fine.

EDIT: Aaaand it’s back.

EDIT: and it’s gone again.

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yep i cant access it either. First i couldn’t access HA, now i cant access the website either.

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It looks like everything works again. So it seems it was a temporary Duck DNS problem.

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Yep all good here again.

Yes Duckdns was down for a while this morning

It has been happening sort of often lately. Do we know why they have started to have problems more often than before?
Almost like i want to check for alternatives :frowning:
I’d say the last 4-6months there has been something each week.
Before that it has been flawless for at least a year.

I used duckdns for about 2.5 years and was fine. Over the last 3 months it’s been up and down.
Finally I bought a domain and signed up for free account with Cloudflare.
15 year free ssl etc.
So far very good