Duck DNS not working with TP-Link Deco in Router Wifi mode

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I’ve been using DuckDNS without any problems but due to several unauthorized access to my WiFi network I moved to a Mesh System with TP-Link Deco M4.

After the installation I’m unable to access my Home Assistant configuration with the DuckDNS access. Currently the network has only the Deco connected with Ethernet cable and I enabled the UPnP.

In the Deco system I can use locally the Home Assistant configuration with the Deco IP, but I’m unable to access from the DuckDNS link.

If I connect the Raspberry Pi directly to the modem the configuration works normally, so I assume the issue is with some configuration in the modem or in the TP-Link Deco system, but after several test, I’m unable to find it!

Can anyone help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

If you’ve got a modem and the deco in router mode, could it be that you’ve got 2 networks, both with DHCP enabled? I have a similar setup, but my deco is in Access Point mode, connected to my modem, which is the gateway. Ports 80 & 443 are then forwarded on the modem to the HA machine.

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Yes I have the Internet provider Modem for the cable connection and then the Deco’s in Router Wifi mode, as I need to have control of the devices that connect to my Network. I already blocked a device that is not own by me.

About the DHCP in the Deco it has the IP similar to 192.168.68.X instead of the internet provider one that is 192.168.0.X.

The router has also por 8123 & 443 open for the Deco. You suggest also to open the port 80? Or do you have any idea on how to solve the issue?

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Did you manage to solve this? I have the same issue I guess.


Not really. I tries multiple solution but nothing worked.

My solution to the problem was switching systems, so keeping the current internet/LAN configuration I used Cloudfare to do a tunnel and I’m able to use my HA from outside. Cloudfare it’s a free service but you have to purchase a domain (around 10€/year).

Hope this helps!

I had the same problem. I own the TP-link DECO m9. These routers don’t support loopback or hairpin which is very frustrating. So the solution is to have your own DNS server running on home assistant. Watch this video from 12:32 where it explains and debug DNSmasq add-on. Home Assistant Remote Access for FREE - DuckDNS + LetsEncrypt + Single URL - YouTube
To learn all the ins and outs please watch the full video!

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will look into this, looks good. Thanks for the nudge in good direction.